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Testosterone and Muscle: Go Hand-in-Hand

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Without stating the obvious, if you happen to be an avid "gym goer", you will know the importance of having the right amounts of testosterone if you want to pack on lean muscle.

Despite testosterone's importance in the male body, ominous substances like anabolic steroids, and their use by a growing number of sports professionals has contributed to the distortion of this hormone's true essence. This is exactly the reason why certain sports professionals choose to use anabolic steroids in the hope that they will gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Testosterone and Muscle

But have you ever wondered how testosterone and muscle operates inside your body, and how this affects muscle growth? Androgen hormones control the distribution of male growth factors, and their development, especially during the puberty phase. Testosterone forms a part of these androgen hormones. It is these androgen hormones that directly influence a man's sex drive, muscle mass, the mood among other things. It is testosterone that is responsible for regulating the bodies muscle mass. Testosterone is also responsible for determining how your body responds to exercise.

Testosterone and Muscle: How it Works

Testosterone is able to influence muscle growth because once it is released into the body, it binds itself to "receptors", that can be found on the surface of muscle cells. This hormone will also help to amplify "biochemical signals" inside muscle tissue, and this will in turn enhance protein synthesis. Once the protein synthesis takes effect, testosterone is key to determining the rate and to what extent the muscles will respond to exercise. Ultimately, the end results will be greater muscle mass, more strength, and much quicker recovery periods in between exercise sessions.

It will also help to trigger various growth hormones, which are normally released into the body after exercise. Growth hormones also help to increase protein synthesis, and this subsequently leads to an increase in muscle mass. Other factors that determine effective muscle growth include insulin, fibroblast growth factor, and the growth hormone in particular.

External Factors With Testosterone and Muscle

External factors that affect testosterone and muscle growth include the balance of the body's chemistry, the quality of nutritional intake, training efforts in the gym, and most importantly, the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep is guaranteed to lead to a demise of the body's testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are at their peak the morning after a good nights sleep.

Can My Testosterone Be Rescued?

Minus illegal anabolic steroids, the good news is that testosterone is all "vogue" at present. There are hundreds of products, providing consumers with literally thousands of options to choose from when trying to increase testosterone levels. You just have to open a male health magazine and you are sure to find at least a couple of adverts of products claiming to salvage your testosterone levels. The marketing is extremely clever, because it will play on your "fears" and repeatedly emphasize the harsh realities of living with low testosterone levels.

Even your doctor is in on the act! If your physician determines that you have low testosterone, he's likely to prescribe you some form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The bad news regarding TRT is the number of potentially harmful side-effects. Typical TRT side-effects (as acknowledged by the medical profession) include feelings of rage and anger, the development of male breasts, excessive hair loss, bouts of depression, testicular shrinkage, dependency on the treatment in the long-term, liver and kidney damage, and the list just goes on.

Dietary Supplements

The real good news is that there are a number of safer alternatives available. A growing number of people are turning to natural testosterone boosters. These products can best be described as dietary supplements and do not require a prescription because they are created from (as the name suggests) natural ingredients.

Natural testosterone boosters are great because they encourage the body to produce more of its own testosterone, unlike anabolic steroids and TRT which are involved with pumping synthetic testosterone into the body. A good quality natural testosterone booster can be on par with some of the medically prescribed TRT in terms of testosterone enhancement, but without the nasty side-effects.

To learn more about natural testosterone boosters, you can visit and discover in-depth how they work.

You should always consult with your medical practitioner before taking any supplements that increase your Testosterone.


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