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How to Get Ripped In Weeks

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Are you ready to get ripped? Have you spent the last several months pumping iron and are now ready to get cut-up? Here is how to get ripped in weeks now that you are ready.

Once you have spent hours in the gym ridding the fat, it is time to get ripped. The muscle you worked with heavy iron must be accentuated. It is time to replace the heavy iron exercises with medium weights and high repetitions.

Your diet must change as well. Bodybuilding is approximately 80% diet, according to nutrition experts, so it is very important to eat the right things in order to yield the best results. Are you ready to get started? Let's get to work.

The first step is weight training. You will continue working the muscles you have been working, but modifications to the training will be implemented in order for you to get ripped. The muscles will still be worked to the point of exhaustion but through an increase in repetitions, not weight.

Repetitions may consist of 12-15 reps of moderate weights as opposed to six to eight reps of massive weight and pounds. A lot of dumbbell exercises may be used to tone and shape the large muscles already formed.

Warm-up and light pumps should be done before each set to get the muscles warmed up and the blood pumping. Once the repetitions begin, you must aim for total muscle exhaustion, thus several repetitions should be done.

During this stage of training, it is best to minimize cardio workouts because of the muscle tissue that could be lost. Below is a typical workout schedule at will get you ripped in weeks.

For the chest, dumbbell flies, dumbbell presses and push-ups should be done. Push-ups should be with feet elevated and hands widely positioned to work the chest muscles.

The shoulder muscles are a significant muscle group that should be worked. Exercises include dumbbell presses, dumbbell raises in the front, shrugs with a barbell and bent over rowing with a barbell.

The back is the next muscle group to be worked on. Pull-ups, seated rows, lat pull-downs using a lat machine, bent over rows with a barbell and one-handed bent over rows with a dumbbell are all great exercises and should be done consistently.

Legs are one of the most important muscle groups because they make-up two-thirds of the body weight. Squats, leg extensions, calf raises, lunges and thigh biceps curls on a machine are all necessary to get ripped.
The core muscle group is a must in order to shred those abs. Crunches, side bends, rear side bends and Russian twists with a barbell across the shoulders are all needed to get ripped.

Aside from the exercises, diet and supplements are necessary to get ripped in weeks. A strict diet consuming zero carbohydrates for four days, eating a balance diet on the fifth day, consuming zero carbs days six through nine and eating a balance diet on the tenth day is the structure that must be followed. Supplements may be taken during the diet cycle.

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